bug report in upgrading Capital Hall from level 6 to level 7


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Mar 12, 2023
I have been trying to upgrade my Clan Capital / Capital Hall from level 6 to level 7 & it says 400.000 units of Capital Gold. It is not going to be a big deal when we have millions of gems to create Capital Gold.

Whenever I reach 24000 units of Capital Gold & go back to do the upgrade, after 3 or 4 times it reaches to 96000 / 400000. The problem is exactly here:
by the next upgrade it becomes 24000 / 400000 instead of 120000 / 400000 !!!!!!!!! all the previous upgrades are gone ….!!!!
It`s so bad that I can carry only 24000 units of Capital Gold each time and it`s really really really annoying to spent all that gems and time to collect the Capital Gold and get nothing ……
I have tried to do this upgrade (Capital Hall from level 6 to level 7) and spent lots of gems from 31milions now I have 27milion…!!!!
It has happened before when upgrading other buildings but I thought I was making mistake but now I am sure there is something wrong ….

Other necessary details
Game version: Atrasis live emulator 15.83.19 (Ultimate)
Platform: BlueStacks x64

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