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Hi recently I delete my app and when I install it back afterwards my village was gone.I had some progress in game so I dont want to go to waste.Can you help me? I can provide all necessary information
We're very lonely and silent in our games😆 there's no raid or attack from other players, we can't find our clan(my friend clan) I'm trying to join my neighbour clan can't found.
My wall is stuck in LV 14!? Can't upgrade anyway...what happen to me?

Also, i have one question, is this position to join main server clan? Like default coc game's server clan?
i need suggestions, please if possible to join main server clan, please tell me how to do it, caust I'm trying to join through clan search form, can't find our clan..help me there.
C'est bien ce jeux Atrasis COC, une vraie passe temps. Bravo les développeurs!...(y);)